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~ derived from the word metamorphosis

is about human growth and transformation because humans transform physically and psychologically, several times during lifetime.

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Such is the way of Human Growth.

Such is the way of Morfosis!

A profound change in humans and teams from one stage to another requires wisdom, knowledge, motivation, experience, and most importantly effort.

Morfosis is Progress. Progress is Success.

Success is Happiness. Happiness is Well-being.

Well-being is Joy.

The Journey of Personal Growth & Transformation

The path of personal growth can be hard to define,

A journey that takes strength, courage and time.

It's a process of self-reflection and learning from mistakes,

Of challenging the status quo and taking risks.

It's not an easy path, but one that is well worth the while,

To learn more about yourself and take control of your life.

Trusting in yourself and having faith in the future,

Will open you up to opportunities for growth like never before.


Personal growth means facing fears and embracing change,

Living life with intention and courage through every range.

Life involves taking risks, believing in possibilities unseen,

And trusting that it’s all part of a grand unfolding plan.


Meet The Founder

Ankita is an HR Professional turned into an entrepreneur, author, and trainer. She is on a mission to help people lead happy, healthy, successful lives. She founded Morfosis in 2016 with the intention of helping individuals and organizations to grow and rise from the status quo.


She is the author of the book ’The Smart Balance - For a better living in the digital world’ which focuses on a healthy, happy and productive relationship with technology and the internet. 


She is a certified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and has ben awarded the Rex KarmaVeer Award.


She is mostly found delivering corporate training programs, writing content for personal development, speaking at conferences, and rejuvenating in her hometown in Uttarakhand with her toddler.


You can reach out to her by writing to 

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